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West Phoenix Locksmith is a top-notch provider of residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services Throughout Phoenix and the West Valley cities. They can handle anything from key replacement to full blown installations with ease!

West Phoenix Locksmith is a professional locksmith company

Call a Locksmith Who Will Save You Time & Money

West Phoenix Locksmith offers fast, affordable locksmith services to the people of Phoenix. Our emergency service ensures that you’re back up and running quickly with an unbeatable price or we can provide more personalized solutions at a fair cost – all while maintaining your peace-of mind!


Are you having trouble with your office locks?

We all know that it is important to keep our businesses safe. Whether you are dealing with a lockout, lost keys, or any lock related issues, we guarantee reliable full services at affordable prices. Our team of professional technicians will be there for you in no time!

You can count on us to provide fast and efficient full service 24/7 (days a week) so that your business stays secure and protected at all times. We offer the best commercial locksmith solutions in Phoenix because we understand how important security is for every business owner out there. If you’re looking for an expert solution to your lock problems then look no further than West Phoenix Locksmith!ful


Home Locksmiths in Phoenix, AZ

Residential Locksmith services we offer:

At West Phoenix Locksmith, we offer a variety of residential locksmith services for homes throughout the Phoenix area. No matter where you are located in your home or office building, our team is there to help with all your needs! Our wide range includes:
-Residential key skeletonization -Padlocking shutters/windows during emergencies such as fires without burning down any parts inside (fire doors too)…


Residential Locksmith Service

What We Offer

Home Lock Change

Maintaining the security of your home is essential for peace of mind. Among locksmiths' duties are providing new locks after a burglary occurs, providing locks when property owners' locks have been broken, and other locksmith services to reinforce the security of a home.

Home Re-Key

Re-keying is an easy process that only takes about 30 minutes of our time, but it will give you peace of mind knowing that no one else can enter your home without permission. It also saves homeowners money because they don’t have to purchase new locks when someone moves out or gets a new key made by accident.

Burglary repairs

We’re the best choice for your home and business security needs. Our technicians are trained to handle every type of lock, key, and safe. With our 24/7 emergency service, we can help you with any lockout situation that might arise. You can trust us to get the job done right!

Master Key System

A master key is a set of keys that can unlock all the doors in an establishment but each room will have it’s own separate key. This system is used in businesses and other places where multiple people need access to different parts of the building. West Phoenix Locksmith can help you set up a master key system for your business.

Mailbox lock, Pool Gate lock, Garage lock

West Phoenix Locksmith is a trusted locksmith service that offers a complete range of residential lock and key solutions. We can provide mailbox locks, pool gate locks, garage locks, and more. We have a wide selection of locks to choose from, and we can help you find the right lock for your needs.

Security lock

There are many locksmith services that are available in Phoenix, and one of the most important services that they offer is security locks. Security locks are locks that have been specifically designed to provide enhanced security for your home or business. They are usually more expensive than traditional locks, but they offer a higher level of security.

High security locks

If you're looking for a locksmith in Phoenix that can provide you with high security locks, you've come to the right place. Here at West Phoenix Locksmith, we offer a wide range of commercial locksmith services, including the installation of high security locks.

Key duplication/cutting

Locking your doors and windows is one thing, but what if you need to unlock them? Locksmiths are professionals who can create duplicate keys or cut old ones down for recycling. Locked out of office space in Phoenix? A locksmith may be able to fix that!

Lock installation, maintenance, and repair

If you are thinking of installation, repair, or maintenance of your locks, it's important to do your research and find the right locksmith Phoenix company for the job. West Phoenix Locksmith is a professional locksmith service that specializes in all types of Lock Installation & Repairs for businesses and homes.


Trusted, Mobile Phoenix Automotive Locksmith

Car Phoenix Locksmith services we offer:

You’ve made the smart decision to hire our locksmith services! We offer 24/7 automotive care and can be reached at any time. You’ll never have trouble getting in or out with a broken lock again because we’re on-call for your convenience, whatever hour it may happen during (even holidays).

If you live anywhere within Phoenix metropolitan area then give us call today so that one of our expert technicians could come by and fix anything from loud clicking sounds coming from exterior cores all way down unlocking doors manually without key – just press Unlock+ repertoar buttons together when vehicle ignition is turned off…


Automotive Locksmith Service

What We Offer

Locked out of car

Having your keys locked in your car is a nightmare. What's even worse is finding out that you cannot get into your vehicle and having to call a locksmith to come help you out. Locksmiths are professionals who can easily assist you with automotive lockout issues.

Car key replacement

So you've been unfortunate enough to lose your car keys. Not only do you have to deal with the inconvenience of losing them, but also finding a Car key replacement . Car key replacement can be really expensive and time-consuming if done at a dealership. If you need Car key replacement , call us at West Phoenix Locksmith .

Key fobs programmed

You've probably heard the news about Car Key Fob programming service. Car manufacturers are rushing to make new technology available, and Car Key Fob is an example of this. Car Key Fob is also known as a Car Remote. Car remote fobs can be used to unlock car doors with one push of button (and push again to relock door)

Ignition Repair

The ignition lock is a vital component for your car. It is the main, and in many cases, the only system that brings your vehicle to life. Ignition repair can be commonly needed when the tumblers are worn down. Although it may seem like an easy fix, if you are not careful or do not have experience, you could end up causing much more damage.

New Car Keys

Every car needs keys. Even if you have a keyless entry and push-to start engine, there is still the need to keep spare ones on hand in case something happens or they're lost forever! If your vehicle just arrived at home from dealership then it'll be necessary for programming before driving off of lot.

Car door

If you feel like the door of your vehicle is jammed and it will not open or close, then there might be a problem with the car locks. Car locksmiths should be called immediately to help get rid of this problem. West Phoenix Locksmith can provide their services round the clock, which means that they will be available at all times, whether it is day or night.

Door lock repairs & replacements

Car door lock repair and replacement services are provided by locksmiths for broken locks and keys. Car door locks fail due to wear and tear over time. Car locksmiths provide various services such as lock repair, lock replacement, ignition key replacement, rekeying of locks and installation of high security car door locks according to need.

Key duplication/cutting

Key duplication/cutting is an invaluable service that locksmiths perform for people in all walks of life. Key duplication is when a key made to fit a lock already exists, while cut keys are a brand new key made to fit a specific lock. Key cutting services may be necessary due to lost or broken keys, forgotten combinations, broken locks and more.

Rekey Car Locks

A locksmith may be qualified and capable to rekey a car door, but locksmiths can only do so if the lock is not integrated into the car's security system. If the locksmith does not have access to this hardware or proper training, then they cannot rekey your car door locks.


Commercial Locksmith Services in Phoenix (85035)

Business Locksmith services we offer:

Are you in need of emergency commercial locksmith services? Or would like to have a security consultant for new lock system on your company’s premises, then we can help. Our range includes:
You will be happy with our competitive pricing and high-quality service sets us apart from other companies !!!


Commercial Locksmith Service

What We Offer

Business Lock Change

Business Re-Key

Master Key Systems

File Cabinet locks

Key Extraction

Safes Installation and Repair

key duplication

Heavy duty locks

Lock installation, maintenance, and repair

business lockout services

Emergency Locksmith in Phoenix

West Phoenix Locksmith is your go-to locksmith for fast and affordable emergency locksmith service. When you need a reliable, friendly team that always has the solution to get back inside or on top of things with their tools in tow then look no further! You’ll be glad when we come out because not only will they fix what’s broken but also offer plenty more security measures than ever before thanks an upgrade installation too so don’t wait any longer call today at (623) 258-4648

Emergency locksmith near me

Our professional emergency locksmith service will come to your location anywhere in Phoenix Arizona, no matter the time. Lockouts usually happen at the most inconvenient times which is why we’re committed around-the clock and offer a wide range of services that includes both residential as well commercial clients with various needs such durability or security concerns – you name it!

Emergency locksmith

24 hour locksmith near me

Get quick response time with us

Home and business Lockouts

Broken lock repairs

Key cutting

Jammed ignition key extraction

Car lockouts

Lock replacements

Safe Opening office lockouts

Lost keys

Lost car key replacement

Lost house key replacement

New and Duplicate Transponder Keys

Security solutions

Do you need a replacement key fob for your vehicle?

We can help. Our goal is to give our customers the quickest and easiest way to purchase a replacement key fob for their vehicle. Whether you lost, broke, or just need an extra set of car keys, we can help.

You’ll be back on the road in no time with West Phoenix Locksmith! We offer fast service and great prices so that you don’t have to go anywhere else. Give us a call today!

locksmith near me for cars
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