Can a Locksmith Make a Car Key?

Can a Locksmith Make a Car Key
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If you’ve ever lost your car keys, you know how frustrating it can be. You search high and low, but you can’t find them anywhere. If you can’t find your keys, your next best bet is to call a locksmith. But can a locksmith make a car key? Let’s find out!

The simple answer is yes! Your local locksmith will most likely be able to make a new car key for you, and it is really simple and fast. But it may be difficult to create it depending on your car’s year, makes, and model. If you have an older car, the locksmith will likely be able to make you a new key. However, the process will be more complicated if you have a newer car.

Can a Locksmith Make a Car Key if it’s a transponder?

Newer cars use what’s called a transponder key. This type of key has a computer chip that sends a signal to the car’s ignition system. This signal tells the car that the key is authorized to start the engine. If the key doesn’t have the right chip, then the car won’t start.

So, if you have a newer car and you’ve lost your keys, a locksmith can make you a new one—but it’s going to be more expensive than if you had an older one. This is because the locksmith will need to program the new key to work with your car’s ignition system. If you have doubts about what type of car key you have you can check this key duplication guide so you can be sure.

Having a transponder key could seem like a downside, but it is a really handy tool to keep your car protected against intruders. If someone tries to steal your car, that transponder key will pay for itself when it saves your vehicle from being stolen.

But if you’ve lost your car keys, your best bet is to call an automotive locksmith for a car key replacement. It is a very fast service with a low rate. If you ever need it, call West Phoenix Locksmith for help!

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