¿How Does a Master Key Work?

how does a master key work
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Imagine being able to open any door in your house with just one key. A master key can simplify your life – but how does a master key work?

A master key is a key that can open any lock in a particular system. Each lock in the system has a unique cut corresponding to the master key. The master key itself has been specifically designed to open all of the locks in the system.

¿How does a Master Key work?

Master keys are made using a process called impressioning. Impressioning is when a locksmith makes a mold of an existing key and then uses that mold to create a new one. This new key will fit into the existing lock, and can also be used to create additional keys that will fit into other locks in the system.

The process of making a master key begins with creating an impression of an existing key. This is usually done by pressing the existing key into a piece of soft clay or wax. Once the impression has been made, the clay or wax creates a mold. This mold is then used to cast a new key.

The new key that is created from this process will have the same basic shape as the original key but with slight variations in the cuts. These variations are what allow the new key to open all of the locks in the system.

Benefits of Having a Master Key System

There are several benefits to having a master key system in place. First, it eliminates the need for multiple keys – which can be quite convenient if you have a lot of locks in your home or office. Second, it makes it easy to add new locks to the system – have a new key made from the master mold and you’re good to go! Finally, if you ever lose your master key, you can have another one made from one of the keys in the system (assuming, of course, that you haven’t lost all of your keys!).

In short, a master key will be your most comfortable tool to access all rooms in your building. If you want a master key system installed on your property, call our 24 hour locksmith in Phoenix to make a quick installation.

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