How to Break a Lock

how to break a lock
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Locked out of your home or can’t open your cabinet? Here you will learn how to break a lock the easiest way so you stop the feeling of frustration and helplessness that comes with it. This blog post will show you how to break any lock so you can get back inside in no time!

The first thing you’ll need is a bolt cutter. If you don’t have one handy, you can still try using a screwdriver or a knife, this method is much more time-consuming and requires more effort, but it can still be done. Just make sure that whatever you use is sturdy and won’t break easily.

Next, place the bolt cutter in the slim part of the shackle or find the seam where the two halves of the lock meet if the lock has a hardened shackle. This is usually located near the bottom of the lock. Once you’ve found the seam, insert the tip of your chosen tool into it and apply pressure.

You should feel the tool start to catch on to something inside the lock. Keep applying pressure until you feel the lock give way and pop open. The steps on how to break a combination lock are the same, but you would cut just the shackle instead.

How to break a lock with scissors and a knife

Here you must remember that you could spend several minutes trying to cut open the lock, so you must be patient.

First, you have to insert the tip of the knife or scissors in the keyhole to the bottom; once you feel like you are touching the internal parts, once you do this, you have to twist the knife or scissors to brake the pins inside.

Notice that this will only work in certain locks with a hardened body but weak internal parts, while other locks cannot be broken with this method. There are other methods to break a lock with more sophisticated tools that you can also try.

Did nothing work?

If these methods don’t work, you could still call a professional locksmith that will make sure your door doesn’t get damaged in the process.

We hope this blog post was helpful and that you’ll never find yourself locked out again! If you have any questions or if there’s anything we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Thanks for reading!

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