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Our team is always ready to help you with your car key replacement needs. We offer fast, reliable service at an affordable price. You won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

If you only have a new car key, making sure you have a spare key is paramount. When you lose your original key, it will cost you much more to get a new key if you don’t have a spare key to make a replica.

With most of your older car models, you’ll be able to easily take your key and make copies of it almost anywhere. Although the question remains, will it work if not cut by a trained automotive locksmith?

You may need a replacement car key once the teeth of the key just don’t fit the lock enough to open the doors due to wear. Sometimes the car key will only work after trying to open the car door twice. It’s a sure tip: replace your car key soon because you might not open the car door next time! Here are some tips on when is it the right moment to make a key replacement.

  • Bent key
  • Broken key teeth
  • Crack alongside the key body
  • Rusted key


If your car lock was forced open during a carjacking attempt or damaged in a swipe, it might look like your car key is faulty. Your car locks may be the real cause of your car key failing. In fact, a defective lock may even have damaged your car key. In any of these situations, ask the nearest car locksmith to quickly assess and solve the problem’s principles. If you need a damaged car lock repair or are trying to find cheap car key replacements, we’re here to help solve the situation immediately and affordably.


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