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You can trust us to handle all of your locksmithing needs, from emergency services to more routine tasks like lock installation and repair. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done – and we always put our customers first.

Rekeying locks saves money and keeps your home safe!

If you’ve moved into a new house or apartment or your roommate has just moved out, now is the time to change your keys to keep your home safe. Even if you consider that no one else has the key, there is always the possibility that someone has a duplicate.

Aren’t you convinced yet?

Another good reason to change the keys on the locks is to ensure each lock works with one key. Only some doors in a house or office use the same key. Our 24 hour locksmiths specialize in lock re-keying; we employ trained technicians who strive to be reliable, fast, and available 24/7.

What is a lock re-keying?

Rekeying a lock (sometimes also called “relocking”) is the process of giving your lock a completely new set of keys so that it can only be opened with a new key. Some professionals recommend changing keys in locks every few years. However, there are certain cases where it is a good idea to change the key of your lock constantly:

  • When you lost your key
  • When too many people have had access to your password in the past
  • If you were separated or someone moved
  • When you move into a brand new house
  • When your key has been in the hands of a contractor working on your home.


Essentially, you are encouraged to consider re-keying the lock each time the keys pass a few days outside of your control. Remember that it only takes someone 30 minutes to make as many copies of your key as they want. The more people have had access to your keys in the past, the more you should consider a lock re-key service.

If you are a landlord, some states require you to change your keys every time the apartment is transferred to new tenants. Also, if the keys are lost or stolen, or if you have been hacked, re-keying them is vital.

Our team of emergency locksmiths has highly-trained technicians who are committed to providing skilled and reliable locksmith assistance that will fix your lock problem with no delay. Contact us today for a free quote to replace your locks.


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