Mul-t-lock Code-It electronic lever

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Is your office security up to par? Don’t let thieves take advantage of an employee’s brief absence and steal important equipment or valuables. Code-It from Mul-T-Lock is an innovative solution that will reduce these opportunities. With an automatic locking mechanism, this handle will only open with a personal code. Keep your office safe and secure with Code-It.


Mul-t-lock Code-It electronic lever



The Code-It™, Mul-T-Lock is an electronic security handle, is an innovative solution that simply and efficiently reduces opportunities of this sort. An automatic locking mechanism, built into the handle, allows the door to open with a personal code.

These Code-It is available in two versions: 2 operating modes (automatic locking or manual) and 4 to 6 digit codes (1 to 10 digits). The Code-It can be used for indoor use in offices or homes (workrooms, clinics, hobby rooms, and safekeeping of personal valuables).

This Mul-T-Lock Code-It electronic lever handle is designed to meet the needs of frequent users. It enables you to enter and exit your room without having to use a key or card while keeping your door locked from the outside. The Code-It electronic lever handle can be used in place of most existing handles, simply replace the original with this model and follow a few simple instructions for installation. This model is suitable for doors between 35mm (1.38″) and 80mm (3.15″).

This electronic lever keyless entry system can handle up to 100,000 entries with only one pair of batteries, making it a cost-effective choice for any organization.

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    Excellent Mul-t-lock Code-It electronic lever, very easy to use it

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