Mul-t-lock Knob Grade 2 Lockset

The Mul-t-lock Knob Grade 2 Lockset is a professional-grade lock that is compatible with both residential and commercial door locksets. It features an easy installation process and is made of high-quality materials for long-lasting use.

Mul-t-lock Knob Grade 2 Lockset



The Mul-t-lock Knob Grade 2 Lockset offers an ANSI Grade 2 locking mechanism, UL Fire Rated Latch, and Bump Proof High-Security Cylinder. The cylinder mechanism is Mul-t-lock’s unique, high precision up to 10 telescopic pin tumbler system that is picked and drill resistant for high-security needs.

It is Mul-t-lock professional-grade security for your home. Arrow, Yale, or Taco knobs with Mul-t-lock cylinders provide superior protection against forced entry. This is perfect for home or office security.


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