Mul-t-lock MT5+ Knob Grade 2 Lockset

Mul-t-lock MT5+ Knob Grade 2 Lock Set is a professional-grade lock that features three active locking mechanisms for superior security. The double-sided flat key and telescopic pin technology are both new generations of Mul-t-lock products, and the key also has a revolutionary mobile interacting spring for an even more secure lock.

Mul-t-lock MT5+ Knob Grade 2 Lockset



The Mul-t-lock’s MT5+ knob lockset is a professional-grade security upgrade for your home or office. The MT5+ supports very large and complex master key systems, incorporating hierarchy and matrix requirements even with the same suite. The milled pattern can be used to create exclusive keyways in the marketplace, making this lockset a top choice for security-minded professionals.

This is Mul-t-lock, a professional-grade lock that features an ANSI Grade 2 locking mechanism, UL Fire Rated Latch, and Bump Proof High-Security Cylinder. The cylinder mechanism is Mul-t-lock’s unique, high precision up to 10 telescopic pin tumbler system that is picked and drill resistant for high-security needs.

* Grade 2 knobs are manufactured by Arrow, Yale or Taco with Mul-t-lock MT5+ cylinder installed *


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