¿What is a Bump Key?

Bump Key
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Bump keys are tools that can be used to open a lock without the need for a traditional key. This type of key is also known as a “passkey” or “999 key.” While bump keys are not illegal, they can be used for malicious purposes. In this blog post, we’ll explain to you what a bump key is, how it works, and some of the dangers associated with its use; keep reading to find out!

¿How to use a Bump Key?

Bump keys should always have a rubber band around them to protect the lock from the hammer

These keys are inserted into a lock the same way as a traditional key. Once the key is in the lock, the user applies pressure to the back of the key while simultaneously striking the front of the key with an object (usually a hammer). The impact causes the pins in the lock to become misaligned, which allows the lock to be opened.

There are many techniques to pick a lock, and lock bumping is one of the fastest; however, it doesn’t mean that it will work every time; this is just one of many methods you can use to open locks at your home or office.

They can be made from any key by filing down the teeth so that they are all the same size. This makes it possible to open any lock that uses the same type of pin configuration as the one on the bump key (i.e., wafer tumbler, sidebar, disc tumbler, etc.).

¿What are the Dangers Associated with Bump Keys?

While a bump key set is legal to possess in most countries, they can be dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. Due to their ability to easily open locks, criminals that know how to use a bump key could use keys to enter homes and businesses without a forced entry being visible.

This could lead to theft or even home invasions. In some cases, criminals have been known to them to break into cars in order to steal them.

Bump keys are legal but potentially dangerous tools that can be used to open locks without traditional keys. These keys work by applying pressure to the back of the key while simultaneously striking the front of it with an object, which causes the pins in locks to become misaligned and allows entry. Given the potential dangers associated with their use, it’s important to exercise caution if you choose to purchase or use a bump key.

If you can’t open a lock at your home or office, you can try this trick, but if you re not sure how to do it correctly, your best choice is to call a professional locksmith that can open your lock without damaging it. Our local locksmith offers quick lock repair and replacement so you can open that door again!

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