Yale Real Living Electronic Deadbolt (Stand alone)

The Yale Real Living Electronic Deadbolt is a keyless, touchscreen lock that can be used with a variety of home control or home security systems. With Real Living, the lock becomes the first point of contact for security and home control. The lock is easy to use and fits most standard door preparations.

Yale Real Living Electronic Deadbolt (Stand alone)



The Yale Real Living Electronic Deadbolt is a keyless, touchpad entry door lock that is perfect for use on all standard interior and exterior doors. The illuminated touchscreen and keypad make it easy to access your home at night, and the durable acrylic touchscreen is scratch and weather-resistant. The tapered bolt accommodates misaligned doors, making it easy to install on any door in your home.

The electronic Deadbolt standalone touchscreen keypad locking device is easy to use, install, and program deadbolt. This touch screen deadbolt has 25 users for the stand-alone version, privacy mode, and one-year battery life (4 AA batteries). The low battery warning alerts you when the batteries need replacing. The motorized bolt in and out provides an extra layer of security for your home or business.

It is a smart deadbolt that works with your smartphone to give you total control over who has access to your home. With the Yale Real Living app, you can easily lock and unlock your door remotely, share access with family and friends, and set up temporary or permanent codes for visitors. From anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night, you can check if doors are locked or unlocked, receive notifications when doors are opened and closed, and set timers to ensure doors are locked automatically at a certain time of day.


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